Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur
Medical Counsellor

Gurpreet Kaur has vast experience of more than 25 years dealing with patients coming for cosmetic surgery. She has helped to reduce their stress and apprehensions and achieving the good results, much to the satisfaction of the patient.
Since she has travelled world wide, 18 different countries; her experience of interaction with various cultures, has always helped her to understand international patients.

She has attended and presented her experience and clinical work in various conferences.

She received her Diploma in Tokyo in November 2005 at World Congress of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine and Anti Aging Medicine.   She was an Invited speaker in the conference.
In 52nd World Congress of the International Academy of Cosmetic Surgery November 2008 at Cartagena Columbia, Gurpreet Kaur received her Certificate of appreciation & Faculty award in recognition of  her invaluable contribution.

Medical counseling involves a combination of medical, holistic, and mind-body techniques that reduce stress and anxiety, and promote healing. It includes informed assessment, by a physician, of the options and services available to your particular situation and helps you opt for suitable option.

The Role of the Counsellor
First and foremost the counsellor is aware that no two people are alike.  No two people understand the same language in the same way; their understanding will always be linked to their personal experience of the world. 
The role of the counsellor is to enable the client to explore many aspects of their life and feelings, by talking openly and freely.

Effective counselling reduces confusion, allowing the client to make effective decisions leading to positive changes in their attitude and/or behavior. 

Counselling – Must to read

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